Testimonial: White Bear Clinic

On a regular basis the team at OSI gets feedback from our patients that makes our jobs all the more worthwhile. It’s what keeps us going. It’s why we come to work every day…to make a difference. Among all the wonderful people we see everyday, one amazing person asked us to share her feedback with our […]

A Letter to Wendy: OSI Patient Success Story & Update!


Hi Wendy! Jess here, the rock climber you’ve helped for several hand and wrist issues over the past year. I’m really psyched to say that my hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders feel fantastic and I’ve been doing some of my best climbing to date recently! I just got back from a trip to Devil’s Tower […]

What Keeps Us At OSI?

People are often times amazed when they hear how many years most employees have been with OSI. It seems quite normal to me that employees stay working at OSI for 5-10-20+ years, but that is not the norm with many businesses. So that leads me to the question: What keeps us here at OSI? I […]

Why I Work At OSI

As I approach my 2 year anniversary with OSI Physical Therapy, I find myself pondering the question, why I stay at OSI Physical Therapy. When I accepted the job in June 2014, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I have found is a culture of very dedicated and caring people. I was fortunate to […]

A Lasting Impression Of A Client……

I have been with OSI for 16 years, but my writing will be on the numerous customers that have left with memories of their own. Most of the years were spent with The Work Center/Occ Health of OSI, returning clients to their professions or job retraining. That “Wow” factor goes the other way around, you […]

It’s Happy Trails for Another OSI Patient

It’s Happy Trails for Another OSI Patient For over 25 years, horseback riding has been an important part of my life. Trail rides, camping trips, parades and competing at the MN State Fair on an equestrian drill team (A group of horses and riders performing choreographed maneuvers to music) have been favorite activities with my horse. […]

Testimonial: It’s Great To Receive Patient Feedback

We receive quite a bit of positive feedback from our patients and we try to share it now and then with everyone. We’re blessed to be able to touch so many people in such  positive way. Here’s a letter we received about Mike Ripley:      

A Nice ‘Thank You’ From A Physical Therapy Woodbury Patient

We get quite a few people through our front doors every day at OSI Physical Therapy in Woodbury at the High Pointe clinic. Some of these people have amazing success stories. We wanted to share recent feedback from someone who inspired our whole team! This young girl’s name was Laura and here are a few words and […]

A Local Sportsman Becomes Another OSI Success Story

A Local Sportsman Becomes Another OSI Success Story This is Roger 3 month’s S/P TKA  performed by our famous Dr. Palmer of SCO. We practiced transfers on his last day and came up with some creative ways to get him Way to go Roger you are such a hard worker and look how you achieved […]

Nice Patient Feedback For My Stillwater Team

Hi all… On a daily basis we receive wonderful feedback from our patients. There’s nothing more satisfying to our team at OSI than helping our patients become healthy and pain free. We want to see you get back to doing your daily activities. Below is an example of the OSI Stillwater staff hitting a home run with one […]