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OSI Total Care Program

OSI is excited to announce the launch of OSI Total Care! You can be a part of this outstanding program we will be offering to all our amazing past, present and future clients starting January 31st. OSI Total Care is a comprehensive, goal-oriented wellness program that will include individualized exercise programming, monthly 1:1 visits with […]

My Time Overseas

Written by Greg Bailen, OSI Stillwater Clinic Director: I am writing to you all in the middle of a 10-day sandstorm. Needless to say, things are a little slow around here for training right now so I thought I would take a little time to write to you all. I wanted to write a brief […]

Where Do You Want To Go?

When we can get back outside….forget the beach; I’d rather be walking up a mountain! If there is one thing I am truly excited for (after the world gets back to our closest normal), it will be traveling out west to Colorado. Although I’ve only been three times in my thirty years, and I consider […]

Letter to Stillwater From The New Clinic Manager – Greg Bailen

Dear Stillwater community, My name is Greg Bailen and I am the new clinic manager at our OSI Physical Therapy Stillwater location. I had the great opportunity to work and learn here when I first started after PT school and I am very excited to have the chance to return in this new role! My […]

How Do We Stay Active and Fit at OSI Stillwater?


As physical therapists, we help people start moving and keep moving. We preach staying fit, healthy, and active. But do we practice what we preach? We can all make excuses for being “too busy,” but the fact is- it should be on the top of the priority list. Exercise and activity can be different for […]

3 Reasons Athletes Should Attend OSI’s Weekly Sports Night

Sports Night at OSI

OSI Physical Therapy offers “Sports Night” every Wednesday throughout the school year between 5:30pm – 7:30pm.  Sports Night is a time held specifically for athletes so you have access to physical therapy when you need it most!  Sports night is offered at our Stillwater and High Pointe locations.  Check out below for three reasons why […]

Drop Dead Healthy: 11 Simple Tips For A Healthier Life

Here are 11 great healthy living tips that I picked up from a book called Drop Dead Healthy. ( really there is proof for many that they work )   1) Practice Chewdaism . Hard -core chewers recommend 50 chews per mouthful . Strive for 15-20. 2) Turn off The TV . Studies show that […]

Do You Work On A Laptop? Then You Need These 9 Must Know Ergonomic Tips

9 Must Know Ergonomic Tips

Tip #1 Consider setting up a laptop docking station including use of a commercial laptop riser or reams of paper/telephone books on a table/desktop to allow optimal monitor height for neutral neck positioning. Keep monitor viewing distance approx. 14-20” away.   Tip #2 Attach an external keyboard and pointing/mousing device; wireless models with Bluetooth capability […]

America’s Prescription Opioid Epidemic: 7 Staggering Facts

Opioid Epidemic

Recently the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), released guidelines to encourage healthcare providers to try safer alternatives like physical therapy to help manage pain.  They also released the following 7 statistics regarding the dangers of opioids abuse.   Fact#1:  Prescriptions In 2012, health care providers wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioid pain medication, […]

Is Your Smartphone Causing Your Neck Pain?

In this high tech world we are living in, we are dependent on our phones, tablets, and laptops. We don’t leave home without them.  It is a great convenience and allows us to access information in seconds, however it also puts your body in prolonged positions that stress your muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue structures. It can also cause […]