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Happy Athletic Training Month!

Happy National Athletic Training Month!! The month of March is the time to recognize the athletic training profession and gain a better understanding of what athletic trainers do and how they can help you. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians, and other health care professionals to provided services under the […]

OSI Total Care Program

OSI is excited to announce the launch of OSI Total Care! You can be a part of this outstanding program we will be offering to all our amazing past, present and future clients starting January 31st. OSI Total Care is a comprehensive, goal-oriented wellness program that will include individualized exercise programming, monthly 1:1 visits with […]

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your End-of-Year Benefits?

No longer is the time of low deductible health plans. Over the last couple of decades, the trend has gone away from the fixed co-pay, low deductible plans, to increased out of pocket expenses and high deductibles, which have placed a heavy burden on the consumer, i.e. you. While there are now programs such as […]

Top 5 Exercises to Complete at Your Desk

With more and more people working from home in these crazy times, we have tothink about moving a lot more than we did months ago. Dining room tables and sparebedrooms have become offices and classrooms. Instead of the nice office chair at work, youmight be sitting on your couch or a bar stool. Here are […]

The Mind, the Body, and the Art of Effective Physical Therapy

How stress impacts pain: Negative feelings, in response to pain and injury, are common in physical therapy practice. This is usually in addition to the ever increasing amount of stress that the average American is suffering, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that chronic presence of stress hormones in the body inhibit […]

What You Need to Know Regarding Telehealth and OSI

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and healthy! OSI cares deeply about all of our patients and we would like to announce an exciting new means of delivering care for our patients. As of April 6th, we will be offering telehealth services to our patients, both current and new! […]

Reducing Your Fall Risk

Falls are on the rise this time of year with icy winter conditions, leading to fractures, hospitalizations, and sometimes even death. Some people think, “it won’t happen to me,” but the truth is, over 1 out of 4 Americans 65 years or older will suffer a fall every year. Other people have such a high […]

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy:What you NEED to Know

What is it? Short answer: a way to increase muscle size and strength without lifting heavy objects. Blood flow restriction therapy is a newer tool that is used in rehabilitation settings that utilizes a pressurized cuff to restrict blood flow in your veins. That piece of information is important, it is NOT complete occlusion of […]

Can Compression Tights Make an Impact on Your Workout?


It’s no secret that what you wear when you are being active has a direct impact on your performance. These effects can come in a wide variety of forms. When you wear clothing that is light and airy, it helps keep you cool and provides more ventilation. When you war sweat-wicking fabric, you stay drier […]