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No longer is the time of low deductible health plans. Over the last couple of decades, the trend has gone away from the fixed co-pay, low deductible plans, to increased out of pocket expenses and high deductibles, which have placed a heavy burden on the consumer, i.e. you. While there are now programs such as Healthcare Flex Spending Accounts (HFSAs or FSAs) and Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs), Americans are forced to be even more vigilant on where and when they spend their hard-earned dollars.

One positive benefit most healthcare insurance plans have is that once you have met your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum costs, your insurance plan covers the expenses accrued from that point through the end of the year. This is a benefit that you earn through your enrollment in your health insurance plan, and one that most people don’t take full advantage of often enough. If you are wondering if you have met your out-of-pocket maximum, you will have to call your insurer to ask. Additionally, OSI Physical Therapy’s amazing Customer Care Team can help field any questions you may have on insurance plans and coverage.

Let’s face it, you earn your health care benefits through hard work and smart saving. Additionally, more financial responsibility has been shifted to you as the consumer. Now may be the time to take advantage of your full health insurance coverage to take care of that nagging ache or pain, begin moving better and do more! Our therapists have a wide range of specialties including running, throwing, weightlifting/Olympic lifting, dry needling, cup therapy, pelvic health, myofascial release and more to help you achieve your goals!
The bottom line is you EARNED your health insurance benefits and we are here to help. If you have any aches or pains that you have been putting off getting treated, don’t hesitate any longer. Call OSI Physical Therapy and schedule your FREE phone consultation to determine if Physical Therapy is right for you. I can assure you that we are taking the highest precautions to keep our patients and staff safe. During this pandemic, we have zero cases of transmission where someone (staff or patients) has contracted COVID-19 due to being in our facilities. However, we completely respect if you do not wish to come in person for therapy and are happy to offer telemedicine visits at all our locations. We are here to serve our communities and will continue to do so safely!

If you would like further information on what services we offer (including telemedicine, myofascial release, cup therapy and dry needling), your health plan coverage, how Physical Therapy can help you get better, treat your pain, get stronger and more resilient; please call (651) 275-4706 and schedule a FREE phone consultation with one of our rehabilitation professionals!

Greg Bailen, PT

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