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As physical therapists, we help people start moving and keep moving. We preach staying fit, healthy, and active. But do we practice what we preach? We can all make excuses for being “too busy,” but the fact is- it should be on the top of the priority list. Exercise and activity can be different for everyone, it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. It’s about finding what works for YOU, and YOUR lifestyle, so that it’s attainable, consistent and enjoyable.

As a new member of the therapy team at OSI Stillwater, I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed with how the therapists find time in their busy schedules to stay active, moving and fit. For example, physical therapist Katie L. finds time to run 5 days/week and bike with her family daily. They are a very active family, and she enjoys running 5Ks with her three kids as well as she plays sports with her kids including baseball, kickball, basketball, soccer, and golf. I love the idea of activity in the form of playing with your kids—quality time and setting that great example for the importance of movement.

Megan O., physical therapy scribe, loves to exercise and it has been a component of her daily routine for most of her life. She “loves to set goals and feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to achieve them.” She notes that it is important to find ways to motivate one’s self when you just don’t feel like doing it. For example, she listens to music that is high energy and motivating. Megan also likes to explore a new place. “Not only is it exciting to see something new, but exploring a new route or place also doubles as a distraction, and before I realize it my workout is done!” Lastly, she likes to find a buddy to exercise with, as a motivator and/or a distraction, and someone to hold her accountable.

Linda O., clinic manager and physical therapy assistant, gets her workout in by performing a cardio and strength-training combination 5-6 mornings per week with a group of friends that also help keep her accountable. Linda has found that, “one can just get used to an early morning workout, and that is the best time to get it done!!”

Mike R., physical therapist and owner of OSI, stays active by barefoot waterskiing and paddle boarding on the lake. What a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting in a great workout!

As for me, I like group classes and I also like to do my own workouts at home. I go to a full body strengthening and cardio class 2 days a week, and on off days I perform a strength and stretching routine at home. I have a special spot at home already set up with a yoga mat, some free weights and theraband resistance bands, so that it’s easy for me to get a good workout finished in less than 30 minutes. I also love yoga and taking my puppy for walks and runs, and letting her chase me around in the yard.

The point is, find what works for you. Get moving, get active and you will notice results. Keep it fun, so that you stay consistent. And incorporate friends or family members—then you benefit all parties and spend quality time together as well! I hope you enjoyed hearing these “true life” examples from our team, and we hope to help you in reaching your goals at any point and no matter where you are starting from. You can do it!


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How Do We Stay Active and Fit at OSI Stillwater?


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