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OSI Physical Therapy offers “Sports Night” every Wednesday throughout the school year between 5:30pm – 7:30pm.  Sports Night is a time held specifically for athletes so you have access to physical therapy when you need it most!  Sports night is offered at our Stillwater and High Pointe locations.  Check out below for three reasons why you should schedule an appointment during Sports Night.

Sports Night

1) One-on-one care for your injury

The athletic training room at the high school is often overflowed with athletes and it can be hard to get the one-on-one attention you need for your injury.  At Sports Night you will be evaluated by a physical therapist and given the treatment and therapeutic exercises needed to help recover from your injury.  Your exercises may help increase your range of motion, improve your strength and/or help identify areas of poor movement patterns.  A physical therapist and athletic trainer team up to take you through your exercises and get you ready to take the field again.


2) Access to modalities and equipment not accessible at the high school

During your physical therapy appointment, your therapist may choose to use modalities for your injury.  Modalities are tools used to help increase blood flow, decrease pain, decrease inflammation and/or promote healing. These could include electrical stimulation, ultrasound or graston.  Modalities are not typically used in the high school setting due to cost, accessibility, and length of treatment time.  Additionally, our OSI clinics have a plethora of equipment that will help in your rehabilitation needs.


3) You don’t have to miss school, practice or games

Sports Night is every Wednesday evening so you won’t have to miss class or practice to go to your physical therapy appointments.  It can be hard to catch up on an assignment or material that was handed out while you were gone. Since we are available anytime 5:30-7:30pm you can come at time that works best for you and your busy schedule.

Call to schedule an appointment during Sports Night at 651-275-4706.

– Kaitlin





3 Reasons Athletes Should Attend OSI’s Weekly Sports Night


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