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With increasing use of alternating Sit/Stand workstations being used in the workplace, I am frequently asked about tips for how to set up the workstation correctly.  Here you go!

11 Ergonomic Tips For Computer Use With Sit/Stand Workstations


1. Movement

Working tissues of the body benefit from 1-2 minutes of active movement every 30 minutes, regardless of sitting or standing work

Consider performing relief stretches for promoting muscle “rebalancing” and improving blood flow to working muscles, and visual relief exercises to reduce eye strain

2. Head Position

Keep head and neck in a neutral position ie. avoid forward head positioning or rotation/bending when reading from papers or monitor(s)

Consider using a document holder to hold loose papers in midline positioning near monitor

3. Shoulders

Shoulders should be relaxed; avoid shoulder elevation during work tasks

4. Monitor

Monitor depth should be roughly at arms reach. The top of the monitor(s) should be at or just below eye level

5. BiFocals

Bifocal users will likely benefit from their monitor height at a lower height to minimize neck extension (looking up) when viewing the screen

6. Keyboard

Keyboard and mouse should be placed at the same height. Keyboard/mouse platform should be at or slightly below elbow height

7. Elbows

Keep elbows close to the body when typing/mousing

8. Armrests

Incorporate light forearm support when performing keyboard/mousing functions, either though the armrests of the chair, or resting comfortably on the desktop

9. Wrists

Avoid localized contact stress of your wrists on the tabletop or wrist rest

10. Standing Work Stations

For standing workstations, consider having a box or footrest available to place a foot upon to promote neutral low back spinal positioning

11. Seat Position

Users that perform fine motor specific work ie. Mechanical drawing may benefit from the added postural stability of seated positioning


Consider adopting a variety of comfortable postures during the workday; “The best posture is your next posture”.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or request a personalized Ergonomic Assessment @ (651) 275- 4706.

Thanks for reading – Lisa

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