3 Must Know Strengthening Exercises To Do During Pregnancy

Due to the change in hormones during pregnancy, there is a higher incidence of low back pain.  The hormone “relaxin” causes the ligaments around your back and pelvis to become more lax, or loose.  There is nothing we can do to change this.  But, what we can control is the function of the muscles around these joints and teach them to compensate for the ligament laxity.

Strengthening your abdominals, lower back, and glute muscles will help support your back, especially during activity or movement.  The growing belly doesn’t allow you to complete all the traditional core strengthening exercises, but there are still many that are safe to do.  Here are 3 of my favorites I found to be comfortable and effective during my pregnancy:


1) Pelvic Tilt

Hold for 5 seconds and do 10x several times per day


2) Quadruped Abdominal Bracing

Hold 5 sec and do 10-15x, 1-2x/day


3) Bridge on a Stability Ball

Do 10-15x, 1-2x/day


Based on a physical therapists evaluation of your pain, there are many other exercises specific to certain joints which may be more comfortable or effective for you.  Set up an evaluation today!

– Nicole

Strengthening Exercises to do During Pregnancy Nicole-free-phone-consultation


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