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9Make more friends - OSI Physical Therapy 1A few seasons ago, I encouraged the manager of our athletic training department to have our athletic trainers set goals each season. Goals are to be individual and can be designed around the interests, strengths, and specialties of our athletic trainers. So for the past couple years, I’ve set season goals, most of which are built around program and relationship/network development. I have one goal I set for each season, however. “Make More Friends Than Enemies.”

Sounds funny, right? I think my coworkers probably laugh and roll their eyes each season I state I am again using that goal. Let me explain why I feel “Making More Friends Than Enemies” is actually a highly involved goal.

How does one make “friends” as an athletic trainer, particularly in a high school setting? Believe it or not, it’s not by hosting a raving themed party, bringing treats for all of the coaches, athletes, and parents, or planning extravagant events. Shocking, I know. I’ve determined that I best make “friends” in this setting by:

9Make more friends - OSI Physical Therapy 7

So why is making “friends” a great accomplishment? For every “friend” I make, it means:

There is quite a bit involved with making “friends”. If I can look back at the season and see that I made significantly more friends than enemies, I consider the season to be a success!

– Steph




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