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7 Essential Tips for Injury Prevention

Whether you are an avid sports or recreational enthusiast, or someone struggling to make it through a work day, the thought of injury prevention should be important to maintain your balance of function with the things you love, want, or need to do in any given day.  Keep in mind the following consideration to minimize risk of injury:

1) Proper Warm Up

Our body’s need to warm up and prepare for exercise or work could be likened to letting our car warm up in our cold climate.  A selection of static or dynamic stretches, or light cardio activity prior to activity can allow our body parts to work more efficiently


 2) Regular Physical Activity

Studies have found that moderate physical activity 30 minutes most days per week can have positive effects on cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.  Simple things like taking the stairs vs. the elevator, walking at lunch and performing relief stretches during the course of the work day can have positive effects on wellness and preventing injury


 3) Recovery Time

Our body heals its muscle and soft tissue work of the day when we sleep.  Ensure you are allowing your body its need for proper rest


 4) Progressive Increases

Avoid the “Weekend Warrior” syndrome.  Increases in exercise programs or cardio activities should not exceed 10% per week. whether it is running distance, or increasing weights during strength training


 5) Adequate Cool Down

Stretching following activity allows blood flow to remove waste products from your soft tissues and restore nutrition back to our working body structures


 6) Using the Right Equipment for the Job

Whether your injury prevention efforts focus on sports, recreation or work performance, use the right equipment for the job.  Consider proper fit of sports or recreational equipment and footwear, or consider an Ergonomic assessment of your workstation


 7) Listen to your Body

Be aware that signs of discomfort during work or play may be a signal to modify your activity


If your best efforts at using the above listed recommendations leave you feeling discomfort or pain, or you would like to discuss an Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation, consider consulting with the Therapists at OSI Physical Therapy at @ (651) 275-4706.


I’d love to hear your questions, feedback, or what tips you have for injury prevention. You can email me at

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– Lisa

Injury Prevention Lisa Hanselman, Occupational Therapist at OSI Physical Therapy
Lisa Hanselman, Occupational Therapist at OSI Physical Therapy

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