7 Simple Tips On Being A Great House Guest 101

7 Simple Tips On Being A Great House Guest 101

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Being A Great House Guest 101

With summer right around the corner, so are some summer vacations.  If you plan on staying with friends or family when you are on vacation, they were nice enough to let you stay at their house, make sure you are a good house guest.

Here are 7 must know tips to be a great house guest:

1) As Grandma would say, “When are you comin’; When are you goin’.”  Make sure to tell who you are staying with at least the dates you are going to stay there; if you don’t know the exact time, that’s fine; but at least the day of arrival and departure.
2) Follow the household rules.  For example; if there is no food in the living room, don’t bring your food into the living room.
3) Try to help out if you can.  The hosts may not want you to help out in the kitchen and run their errands, but help with the little things.  Empty an overfilled garbage can, if your kid spills their cup; make sure you’re the one picking up the mess, not the host.
4) This brings up to the whole kids subject.  Make sure you are still watching your kids!  The hosts likely love your kids, but they don’t want to have to be the parent.
5) If you are visiting an apartment, bring your own towel, especially if they don’t have access to laundry. You don’t want to leave them with another load of laundry to haul to the laundry mat!
6) If you are on vacation and the hosts aren’t, make sure to entertain yourself. Of course ask for suggestions of things to do; just don’t expect them to take off work just to show you around.
7) Make sure to thank them when you leave and write your host a thank-you note when you get home.


What do think? Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your tips or thoughts on being a great house guest!

– Kaitlen

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