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Tips to Prevent Risky Cheerleading Injuries

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The sport of cheerleading has evolved through the years and has become not only competitive, but also pretty dangerous. Today’s cheerleading combines the enthusiasm of cheers with the athletic prowess of gymnastics –– without any mats. Studies show that the development of the sport has had a direct impact on the amount of cheerleading injuries. […]

Staying Happy and Healthy Through the Holidays

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The bustling malls. The present wrapping. The festive parties. The family visits. This time of year is meant to be a time of reflection and enjoyment. But for many, they become a blur of stress and diet-breaking events. So we put together these tips to help you avoid being a Grinch, and instead stay healthy, […]

How to Warm-up Before Exercising Outside

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As Minnesotans, we are all too familiar with the sting of cold weather. If you’re an avid runner or skier, you probably don’t let cold temperatures stop you from maintaining your exercise routine. In fact, there are some benefits to keeping up your routine and exercising outside through winter, such as building your stamina and […]

Are You Prepared for Flu Season?

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It’s that time of year again, the seasons have officially changed and people are starting to show signs of cold and flu season symptoms. Before you know it, it seems like everyone has had or currently has the bug. The worst part about it is that it’s nearly impossible to avoid people who are sick […]

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