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I have a strong interest in all aspects of work injury management. I strive to assist injured workers meet their goal of returning to work, as well as working with employers to address injury management and prevention issues. My credential of being a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist allows me to perform personalized Ergonomic assessments regarding workstation set up and how a person interacts with their workstation to optimize worker comfort.

Thank You And Happy Occupational Therapy Month

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(Image above via aota) I would like to send a note of appreciation to my fellow Occupational Therapists here at OSI for the wonderful things you do for the patients you serve in Hand Therapy and OccHealth including Jody Ruppert, Kari Paulson, Wendy Camp, and Sara Lumby. Happy Occupational Therapy Month! – Lisa  

What There Is To Love About Being An OccHealth Therapist?

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What There Is To Love About Being An OccHealth Therapist? I have worked at OSI Physical Therapy for almost 8 years.  I work with an amazing, high energy team and we do great things! I am often asked “What kind of work do you do?” Basically, I would say that I help injured workers “bridge […]

7 Essential Tips for Injury Prevention

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7 Essential Tips for Injury Prevention Whether you are an avid sports or recreational enthusiast, or someone struggling to make it through a work day, the thought of injury prevention should be important to maintain your balance of function with the things you love, want, or need to do in any given day.  Keep in […]

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