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The Benefits of Coffee: Caffeine For Health

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The Benefits of Coffee: Caffeine For Health Do you ever wonder what your Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist is talking about when you’re not there?  Well, let me give you a hint, I hear the word coffee about 20 times per day.  I have noticed at almost all OSI locations, people are very particular about […]

Advocates For Injured Athletes

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Advocates For Injured Athletes If you have been following OSI on Facebook, you may have seen us mention to “follow” Advocates for Injured Athletes.  This is a non-profit organization which strives for helping keep athletes safe by providing support, education and resources to increase sports safety. Above is a video about a boy named Tommy.  […]

Inventor of Tommy John’s Surgery Leaves Great Legacy

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(image via LA Downtown News) Inventor of Tommy John’s Surgery Leaves Great Legacy The name Dr. Frank Jobe might not ring a bell to you and you may not have known that he passed away this Thursday (March 6th), but the name certainly means a lot to the hundreds of people who he performed surgery on […]

How to Pick the Best Type of Running Shoe

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How to Pick the Best Type of Running Shoe We’ve seen some other posts on the OSI blog about this, but I wanted to give the readers my two cents on this topic. Although my mother would argue priorities for choosing shoes should be style and color first; fit, comfort and function come second.  The […]

Sports Specialization: How Much Is Too Much?

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Sports Specialization: How much is too much? Sports specialization is becoming more and more of a common practice.  Sports specialization is when young athletes plays only one sport per year or heavily favors the participation in one sport over another.  For example, sport specialization in Hockey would mean you don’t only play on your school […]

Can You Spot The Athletic Trainer In This Picture? (There are 3)

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5 Tips To Spot An Athletic Trainer On A Field Can you spot the THREE athletic trainers in the picture above? Are you an injured athlete?  Are you a parent of an injured athlete? Do you need a band aid, AED, chapstik, gauze, contact solution, CPR mask, tape, nose plug, or a scissor? Do you […]

Is Physical Therapy Right For You?

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Is Physical Therapy right for you? Physical therapy is often thought to be something a doctor has to recommend, which is not the case. Whether you have a doctor referral, insurance or no insurance at all people have direct access to get physical therapy for a multitude of health issues. Physical Therapists are highly educated […]

Knee Ligament Discovery Is Still Possible in 2013?

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New Knee Ligament: Anterolateral Ligament For as long as we know, people have been studying the human body; how it works, how it’s made, and why it is the way it is.  Last Tuesday, two scientists from the University of Leuven, don’t worry, I already googled it, it’s in Belgium, were the first to provide […]

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