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Reducing Your Fall Risk

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Falls are on the rise this time of year with icy winter conditions, leading to fractures, hospitalizations, and sometimes even death. Some people think, “it won’t happen to me,” but the truth is, over 1 out of 4 Americans 65 years or older will suffer a fall every year. Other people have such a high […]

Physical Therapy and Cervical Traction: Effective Treatment for Cervical Radiculopathy

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Cervical radiculopathy is a neck condition where the nerve roots leaving the spinal cord at the neck level are compressed and the signals to and from the spinal cord are decreased. This can be a cause of neck and arm pain and sometimes causes weakness, numbness, tingling, and decreased reflexes in the arm. A common […]

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy:What you NEED to Know

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What is it? Short answer: a way to increase muscle size and strength without lifting heavy objects. Blood flow restriction therapy is a newer tool that is used in rehabilitation settings that utilizes a pressurized cuff to restrict blood flow in your veins. That piece of information is important, it is NOT complete occlusion of […]

What Keeps Us At OSI?

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People are often times amazed when they hear how many years most employees have been with OSI. It seems quite normal to me that employees stay working at OSI for 5-10-20+ years, but that is not the norm with many businesses. So that leads me to the question: What keeps us here at OSI? I […]

Meet The Team: Kim Krupka

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We are excited to announce a new addition to the OSI staff. One of our most recent hires is Kim Krupka, a Customer Relations Manager. Kim is here to help make sure we offer the best customer experience possible when receiving treatment at OSI. Here’s a little bit Kim in her own words: Hello, my name is […]

Now Hiring – Athletic Trainer (ATC/R)

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  JOB DESCRIPTION –  Athletic Trainer (ATC/R)   Company:                                        OSI Physical Therapy Job Title:                                          Athletic Trainer (ATC/R) Areas of Responsibility:          Cover practice and game events as defined by OSI administration and athletic director and coaches.  Provide support tasks for clinicians in Clinic. Reports To:                                     Clinic Manager, Athletic Training Services Coordinator   Summary: The Registered Athletic Trainer […]

Now Hiring – Customer Relations Manager

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JOB DESCRIPTION –  Customer Relations Manager   Company:                               ORTHOPAEDIC SPORTS, INC Job Title:                                 Customer Relations Manager Area of Responsibility:       Administration Reports To:                            Business Office Manager   Summary: Customer relations is the pillar to OSI’s future success. We strongly believe in creating a culture where all OSI staff are committed to creating and improving […]

KSTP’s Twin Cities Live Returns To OSI: A Local Concussion Story

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KSTP’s Twin Cities Live Returns To OSI: A Local Concussion Story Today the crew from KSTP Twin Cities Live returned to the OSI Stillwater clinic to do a story on a local athlete whose story didn’t end exactly as expected. The story covered a local athlete who suffered a concussion and how working with an […]

3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015

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 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015 Last week we attended the annual 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair. We’ve been attending this event for several years and OSI has always considered this a great experience. Along with several other companies offering health related services at this event, we set up our tables to help educate the […]
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