Advanced Golf Swing Tips: Video Analysis

Advanced Golf Swing Tips: Video Analysis

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Advanced Golf Swing Tips: Video Analysis

Here is a still frame of one of my golfers at address position and at impact position. Explained below is the swing flaw noticed on the video which is a very common problem for many golfers.

EARLY EXTENSION – hips have moved forward at impact position when compared with his address position. Note the vertical blue line on the back of his hips.  His hips should still be on the blue line at impact. When this happens the golfer loses his spine angle and becomes more upright. This often times results in the golfer becoming more rounded through his upper back like seen below. This has a negative impact on the swing because it moves his swing off plane and doesn’t allow him to rotate his hips properly during the swing.

There are multiple reasons why this tends to happen but can be corrected with golf specific stretching and strengthening exercises. We use a comprehensive physical evaluation along with video analysis to find swing flaws like this and then construct an exercise program specifically for you in order to help you correct physical limitations that are causing swing limitations. The comprehensive evaluation is performed by a certified Titleist Performance Institute clinician. Call today to schedule an appointment or a free phone consultation!

Contact me if you’d like some help with your golf game!

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