OSI’s philosophy is to provide each patient with the care needed to progress toward their expected outcomes, manage their care in the most cost effective and efficient manner, and educate them on how to safely manage their condition. We expect our staff to pay attention to detail, go out of the way to satisfy our customers, do the right thing, and treat everyone with the utmost respect and compassion.

Our philosophy centers around four areas...

Fostering a culture of service

At OSI, there’s nothing more important than fully serving our customers. Serving you means helping you maintain a positive outlook, keep active and stay healthy. Which means whether you need rehab after an injury or surgery, are suffering from pain and mobility problems, want to improve your performance in a sport, or simply want to keep doing the things you love to do, OSI is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Informing our patients

We work to educate you about your condition and its causes. We help you understand your therapy so you understand exactly why what we do for you and what you do for yourself affects the healing process and overall outcome. By being involved and contributing to the rehabilitation process personally, patients experience faster recovery and can get back to a full life sooner.

Engaging patients through coaching and motivation

OSI’s philosophy of ‘Active Care’ means you are involved. We help you fix yourself and help you set your own goals. In addition to the treatment you receive from your therapist, you will also be provided tools in exercise and activities that empower you to accomplish your therapy goals.

Providing professional and personal development of our staff

Finally, to ensure our staff are providing the best service and the most advanced treatment possible, OSI constantly invests in their continued education. We have established a mentoring and career development program and we fund continuing education coursework for our therapy and fitness staff. OSI also provides its entire staff with internal programs designed for the personal and professional development of its entire staff.

We are a customer-intimate organization and go out of our way to accomodate people. We want all our patients to feel a strong loyalty to OSI because of the service and convenience we provide them. Our therapists must deliver outstanding clinical care and all staff must provide exceptional customer service. Although we do not require each therapist to develop a specialty, we do expect all to develop a clinical expertise in treating musculoskeletal conditons. This will allow our staff to provide cost effective care and help our patients understand how to manage their condition. We are committed to developing our staff through continuing education, residency and career track program.