A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Alert for Mother’s Day. A new book was released called “American Wife” by Taya Kyle.

Chris_Kyle_at_Camp_PendletonLet me encourage you all to download or purchase it in honor of this woman. If you have read or seen the popular story, American Sniper, you will want to give this new book a try. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of hearing Taya speak. Her strength and dedication are incredible. She is an amazing woman with fantastic commitment after fighting alongside her husband in three years of combat. I believe we can all learn from her.

As you can tell, these two individuals have left quite an impression on me – they will for you as well. It would be a wonderful gift to your wife, mother or girlfriend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Mike Ripley

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