4 Simple Tips On How To Find Proper Running Shoes

4 Simple Tips On How To Find Proper Running Shoes

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4 Simple Tips On How To Find Proper Running Shoes

Here 4 simple tips in finding proper running shoes that I give to my patients:

1. Most importantly, the shoe must be comfortable.  I don’t care if someone said you need brand such and such.  If you put that shoe on your foot and it isn’t comfortable, take it off and do not buy it.  It wont make you happy when you are out for your run if you are distracted by discomfort.

2. When you stand in your shoe, your arch should have a home.  What I mean by this is the arch of your foot should be in contact with the arch of the shoe.  If it isn’t, it can predispose your foot to be less stable (for example, over pronate).

3.  Your heel should fit in the shoe.  It should not be swimming around in the back of your shoe which, again, could predispose your foot to less stable positions.  Some people have a more narrow foot and I always suggest going to a good running shoe store and talk with those very knowledgeable people about what shoe might fit your foot best (you can email me at aprose@osipt.com for suggestions around the Twin Cities)

4. Check the structure of the shoe.  I probably look like a crazy person in a running shoe store as I do the 3 following things and suggest to my patients to do the same – 1. place your hand at the toe and heel of the shoe and bend the shoe.  It should only bend where your toes would be bending.  It should not roll into a ball. 2. hold the shoe at the front and the back and twist it.  It should not be able to be wrung out as if a wet rag. 3. push on the heel of the shoe.  This is the part that supports the heel as I was talking about in #3 above.  If this part of the shoe is too flexible, the heel may not be as supported as it should be (the heel bone has receptors on it that give feedback to your brain about where you are in space so it is important that these receptors are giving the right information from the right position)

Hope you find these tips helpful.  Happy shoe shopping!

– Amy

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