My Cleats Hurt My Feet!

My Cleats Hurt My Feet!

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My Cleats Hurt My Feet!

It’s the start of spring soccer practice and I watch my 10 year old daughter limp off the field. It’s become a familiar scene in the last couple years as I have seen several young athletes become sidelined with heel and ankle pain due to running in cleats.  An athlete is commonly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and sometimes a stress fracture. Why does this happen? Cleats typically do not have adequate support through the arch and the bottoms are hard! Imagine yourself running on a bed of plastic knobs!

What can you do to prevent heel and ankle pain?

1. Make sure you have a properly fitted shoe. Cleats are more snug fitting than an athletic shoe but you should still have adequate toe room.

2. You may need to add an off the shelf orthotic to improve the arch support. I frequently recommend Superfeet or SOLE brand insoles.

3. You may also need to add a gel heel cushion to improve shock absorption in the shoe.

4. Physical therapy can help in healing these painful conditions. A PT can instruct you in strengthening and stretching exercises along with manual therapy techniques to address your problems.

If you or your athlete needs further advice contact OSI Physical Therapy for a consultation. We’re here to help keep athletes healthy and on the field!

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Julie Meyer

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