Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be In The Front Of The Line?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be In The Front Of The Line?

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be In The Front Of The Line?


How many therapy groups do you know that actually get total cost claims data from powerful health plans??

Well . . . TPI is working with health plans in different states to analyze their claims data as a total cost of care episode. Here is what we are seeing from one commercial health plan in one region of the country:

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Amazing and thought provoking.  Indications are that early PT reduces TOTAL costs for the conditions for which we were provided data.

As therapy providers, we have been told numerous times by referents, patients, and payers that we are a valued healthcare provider.  The chart above shows we are just not consistently in the BEST position do deliver the BEST value.   We need to get patients to skilled physical therapists QUICKLY.

Knowing the value you deliver relative to TOTAL EPISODIC COST of CARE is a critical step in the process of developing an effective strategy for your practice in the health care marketplace. Using a data based approach with health plans and ACOs helps you determine the BEST options to strengthen your position in the market, improve reimbursement, and successfully share financial risk in value-based contracting.

To learn more about the experience of TPI in helping practices improve their market position, contact Craig at cjohnson@therapypartners.com.

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Jim Hoyme

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