OSI Specialties: Did You Know…

OSI Specialties: Did You Know…

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Did you know…

Did you know that OSI has 8 different clinic locations with  a number of different specialties to help you?

A list of our clinic locations and specialties are listed below:

1. Stillwater

Specialties: The Training Room, Spine Specialists, Concussion Management, Golf/Running/Throwing/Bike Evaluations, Hand therapists, Osteoporosis, Postural Restoration, Pre-Diabetic Program, TMD and Headaches, Work Injury

2. White Bear Lake

Specialties: Running/Golf/Throwing evaluations, Spine Specialist, Aquatics, Concussion management, Vestibular, Postural Restoration, Orthotics, TMD and Headaches

3. Forest Lake

Specialties: Aquatics, Running evaluations, Spine Specialists, Concussion Management, Pelvic Floor and Women’s health, Postural Restoration, TMD and headaches, Vestibular, Work Injury, Hand therapy, Biofeedback

4. Lake Elmo

Specialties: Spine Specialists, Concussion Management, Golf/Running evaluations,  Postural Restoration, TMD and Headaches, Vestibular, The Training Room

5. Maplewood

Specialties: Biofeedback, Spine Specialties, Postural Restoration, Running evaluations, TMD and Headaches, Aquatics

6. Somerset

Specialties: Aquatics, The Training Room, Spine Specialists, Concussion management, Hand therapy, Pre-Diabetic program, TMD and Headaches, Vestibular

7. West St. Paul

Specialties: Biofeedback, Spine Specialists, Concussion management, Orthotics, Postural Restoration, TMD and Headaches

8. Shoreview

Specialties: Spine Specialists, Concussion management, TMD and Headaches, Vestibular

These specialties are besides the fact that OSI therapists treat any number of orthopedic issues.  If you have any questions about the above locations and what we can do to help you, give one of us a call!

– Amy

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Amy Prose

Amy Prose

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