Why Home Care After a Stroke is SO Important

Why Home Care After a Stroke is SO Important

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If you have experienced a stroke — or know a family member or friend who has had one — you know all too well that it is a very difficult experience. The road to recovery following a stroke can be long and arduous. It is a period when the patient needs major support, and will likely need to rely on others (ideally loved ones or helpful healthcare staff) simply to get by for a good while. Recovery is often slow, hard work, and a labor of mind over matter for the patient involved.

Since a stroke’s after effects are unpredictable, many assume you can’t quickly return home following diagnosis and care. However, recent studies have shown that being in the home — not in the hospital — is the ideal place for long-term recovery from a stroke. There are a couple of key benefits to having the patient work through their recovery in the comfort of their home. The first one we’ll cover is the increase in motivation and movement while being at home.

The most limited a person feels in their post-stroke care is in their lack of physical ability following the incident. This is a very vulnerable time for the patient, and thus, they may not feel as much of a resolve. However, because hospitals mainly have patients lying around in between therapies, the home provides more motivation to move around. Studies have found that significantly less “sitting time” occurs when a stroke patient is within the home, leading to more and more activity that accelerated recovery time. Common tasks such as cooking and cleaning seem significantly less daunting to patients than a physical training procedure in the hospital may be, especially in a time of need.

The second major benefit is that this motivation to jump-start the recovery process often stems from the added comfort of being in the home. Because a person is familiar with their surroundings within the home, it brings a sense of normalcy back to their lives. This fights back depression — which heightens following a stroke — and grants more motivation for doing simple, everyday things. Over time, this builds up so that the individual is more and more confident in tackling larger tasks.


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Why Home Care After a Stroke is SO Important

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