What’s In My Kit?

What’s In My Kit?

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What's in your kit

What’s In My Kit?

An Athletic Trainer’s kit is essential, and if you cover any games it’s bound to be by their side, from emergencies to bumps and bruises; ATC’s need to be ready for anything.  People sometimes pick up my kit and ask, “What do you possibly have in here, it’s so heavy?” While another kid asked for a screw driver so I pulled out a battery operated drill, and he said it was just like Mary Poppins bag, and what other “stuff” do I have in there.  Well, here is what I have in my kit;

While I use Band-Aids, gauze, and tape on the daily, I also have; a portable AED, splint making supplies, ACE bandages, pre-wrap, CPR face mask, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, battery operated drill, pen light, pen, tweezers, pencil, hospital information cards, concussion protocol folders, heel and lace pads, gum, nose plugs, blood bags, blood buster, chapstik, eye drops, contact lens solution, whizzer, contact lens case, portable otoscope, individual drink mixes, fingernail clipper, gloves, paper towels, flexi-wrap, extra batteries, manual Phillips screw driver, Stik-it, Coban, doughnut pads, skin lube, second skin, tooth-saver, steri-strips, hydrogen peroxide, cinder suds, instant cold pack, pro-strips, tongue depressor, cotton swabs, Pre-Tape spray, Luekotape, Team physician business cards, non-adherent pads, granola bar, kinesiotape, ice bags, arm sling, shark, sunscreen, thermometer, hand sanitizers, eye drops, lifesavers, scissors, pliers, alcohols swabs, Sam splints, high lighter, and foam padding, to name a few J

Am I missing anything, what’s in your kit?

Stay calm and see your Athletic Trainer.

– Kaitlen

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