What Is It About Being In A Warm Tropical Place?


My husband and I just got back to Minnesota after nearly two weeks in Mexico. This was our quiet little beach spot every day from 10 am to 4 pm. It was glorious, warm and tropical!

We woke up early and walked for miles, ate light and even had a few tropical umbrella drinks in the evening.

While we were there, we found that we didn’t have our normal aches and pains, my allergies were next to nothing, we slept like babies and we felt healthy and energetic!Not more than one day back to the frozen tundra, my headaches returned and I was back using melatonin to help me sleep. Sad!So what is it about being in a warm tropical place? Is it the salt water air? The warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Ocean? The white sand beneath our feet? Or Is it the sun?

I decided to do a little research and find the answer.


First let’s look at the sun

We get our Vitamin D mostly through diet and sunlight. Living in Minnesota and Wisconsin we’re not exposed to enough sun light because of spending most of our time indoors during the winter months and covering ourselves completely when we are outside. For me that’s to and from my car and sometimes to the mailbox.

Just six consecutive days of sun exposure gives you enough Vitamin D to last for 49 days. Another reason to go on a winter vacation!

Since Vitamin D is a Calcium carrier, the combination of the two helps prevent bone loss.  So drink your milk next to a sunny window!  Many other foods are high in Vitamin D such as fish, mushrooms, Tofu, and eggs to name a few. See www.Healthaliciousness.com for more info on that.

Some people claim to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  There are Light Therapy Lamps that allow you to get the exposure to bright light which aides the body in producing the Vitamin D it lacks during the long dark winter months. These people claim to feel less depressed, more energized and alert by using the lights just minutes a day.

Benefits of sand beneath your feet

Well, I really didn’t do any research to support my belief in the benefits of walking in sand but I do know from personal experience that it was great for my legs and gluts. Walking fast through the sand and surf is also a good cardio workout. I can’t think of a better way to get in your exercise than that!

But what about the warm turquoise Caribbean water? According to http://benefitsof.net, Ocean water has many health benefits. It acts as a stress reliever, decreases inflammation, aides in improving circulation and helps preserve your melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin levels.

And the air……

That heavenly light breeze coming through open windows that lack dust and pollution. Just breathing it in makes you feel better.  Echo de menos mi preciosa isla.

Nothing more to say but… hurry up Spring! We need sun and fresh air!

For more information on Vitamin D go to

Hope you enjoyed!
– Roni

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