My West Saint Paul OSI Family

My West Saint Paul OSI Family

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(Holiday sweater day last year)


My West Saint Paul OSI Family

I wanted to give a shout out to the WSP clinic. I am so lucky to work with a group of professionals that I truly enjoy the company of.


Steve is our clinic manager at WSP. Not only is he an exceptional therapist, he does a great job at being our manager. He is very easy to work with, and is very accommodating to your own personal life needs, and scheduling conflicts. He is such a hard worker, and always has an insane, full schedule of happy patients. I am grateful to have a manager like Steve.


Jon has been someone that I been so privileged to work with closely since day 1. Jon is someone who gives 110% to his job, and you can tell that he truly loves what he does (more than he loves anything ‘Merica, I would be bold enough to say). Jon has made an effort to be very involved at Sibley, making it easy for my kids to want to go into therapy. Jon has helped me more than I could ever repay or write about. I am grateful to him for so many things, and I am so blessed that have him as a friend, and that I get to work with someone who always has energy to spare.


Tricia is a great therapist, and we share a love for books, wine, snapping, and bad reality TV (like the bachelor/ette.) Tricia is someone that I can chat with for hours, and it was so much fun getting married a month apart. We were able to share many wedding ideas and frustrations. Tricia has helped me out many times with covering events for me, seeing as she is also a skilled ATC, whom I trust my kiddos with entirely. I am so happy that I get to call Tricia a good friend of mine.

Tricia's wedding - My West Saint Paul OSI Family

(Emily, Tricia, and Alli @ Tricia’s wedding)


Emily has been a breath of fresh air ever since she joined WSP. She is always cheerful, and her laugh in the back makes me smile all the way up at the front desk. She is someone who is very good at what she does, always making her patients feel like family. She always thinks of new and fun ways to make therapy a good place to be. I am so glad that she joined the WSP team last year, and I love her bubbly personality.


Shirley is someone who probably should be annoyed with me but isn’t. Shirley has helped me so much to learn how OSI works inside and out. Shirley is always willing to show me how to do something, and answer any questions I have. She always has fun holiday ideas (crafts, food, traditions), and good home remedies. You can tell that she cares for the clinic, and she is an outstanding team player.


Jen is someone who I can chat with for hours about anything. We have talked about upcoming trips, crafts, life’s toughness, books, recipes, and TV shows. Jen is a very hard worker, making sure all of her work gets done before she heads out, even if that means clocking out, and then staying after to finish up. She genuinely cares about the patients and their successes with their injury. I am grateful that she has been willing to help me learn more about the ins and outs of the clinic.

I want to thank each of the therapists and the front desk for everything they have done for me since I joined the team. Having a great group of coworkers really does make a difference in job satisfaction.

Alli wedding - My West Saint Paul OSI Family

(Jon, Kassiann, Alli, and Tricia at Alli’s wedding)


Thanks for reading!

– Alli

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