What to Focus on to Help Prevent Getting an Injury

What to Focus on to Help Prevent Getting an Injury

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Our bodies are instruments of balance, and equilibrium is key. Without it, there is a risk of things going awry or becoming harmful. While this may sound either farfetched or complicated, it simplifies if you consider some different types of applications. For instance, this type of mentality is most commonly used when discussing a person’s diet, as we have recommend daily serving sizes for each type of food group. Following such suggested servings is intended to provide our bodies with what scientists and dietitians have determined to be as a “balanced diet” and have warned that if we stray too far off of it in any way, we risk causing harm to ourselves in the long run.

As it turns out, this same principle can also be applied when considering our physical makeup and how fit each of us might be. The physical body is healthiest when it is well-rounded, so not focusing on one area enough or focusing too much on one specific thing can likely result in injury down the line. Whether you’re an avid athlete or weekend warrior… these are key areas to focus on if you want to try to prevent getting an injury!

Overall Strength

The most tell-tale sign of injury is when something can be considered “weak”. If something is brittle, it is likely to break and our bodies are no different. Strength comes into form not only in our muscles, but also in strong bones as well. With strength comes resistance, which is the main driving force preventing us from constant and unfortunate injury.

Muscle + Joint Flexibility

Stiffness can be another sign of injury, so it is important to maintain the body’s flexibility, especially in the joints. To be loose means that something is operating at full capability, and can thus be counted on when put under any type of pressure. Our joints are the main point of conflicts in our bodies, so ensuring their healthy use is key.

Alertness + Speed

How quickly we are able to react to things and have our bodies perform successfully is also important to staying alert and free of injury. While agility will mostly only keep us safe from outside influences, it also displays how well our bodies are able to adjust to a given situation. If something upcoming does not look right or immediately starts to feel wrong, it is our speed and reaction time that gets us out of those scenarios without harm.

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What to Focus on to Help Prevent Getting an Injury

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