Want A Healthy, Really Easy And Quick CHILI Recipe?

Want A Healthy, Really Easy And Quick CHILI Recipe?

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Want A Healthy, Really Easy And Quick CHILI Recipe? 

Well, here it is:


  • 2 cans (14 oz each) white beans

  • 1 – 2 cans (14 oz each) black beans

  • 2 jars (16 oz each) tomatillo salsa of your choice

  • 1.5 lb cooked and chopped/shredded boneless, skinless chicken breast



Drain and rinse the beans.  In a pot, mix beans with salsa, chicken and ½ cup water.  Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring often for about 8 – 10 minutes. Serve chili with toppings such as crumbled feta, lime juice, cilantro and/or sour cream.  Serves 4.



To get delicious, moist, shredded chicken –

Take thawed chicken and place into a pot that has a tight fitting lid.  Fill the pot with water that is just covering the chicken.  Place whatever seasonings you want in the water.  With the cover on, bring the water to a rolling boil for about 5 minutes, turn down to a simmer for another 20 – 30 minutes and then turn the burner off and let the chicken sit in the warm water and come down to room temperature in the water.  Drain the water (I like to save it for broth) and shred the chicken.  It’s delicious and moist every time.  Watch the pot, sometimes you need to have the lid offset a little to let steam out. I just cook my chicken ahead of time and I’m able to make my chili in about 10 minutes.

The hardest part of making this chili, honestly, is the grocery shopping.  I usually double or triple the recipe.  Make a huge pot on Saturday or Sunday and have a delicious, healthy go to meal all week long.  This is a great chili recipe all year long, it’s light enough for summer and it’s hearty enough for the fall and winter.  It’s low in calories, filling, healthy and delicious.  Can’t get much better than that!

Dig in!!!!

– Hayley

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