[Video] Inside Peek: Life In The ATR

[Video] Inside Peek: Life In The ATR

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(Above: Song video: These 2 wanted to practice their song for me before the talent show, I love live music and told them to come sing to me every week!)

Inside Peek: Life In The ATR

Being an ATC at a high school means that I spend A LOT of time with the kids. I get kids hanging out in my room on: game days (when there is down time before the game), or late practice days, or sometimes kids will hang out in my ATR if they have a study hall the last hour of the school day. I like to have a place where the kids feel comfortable to hang out, and since I have plenty of space in my ATR I do enjoy having the company of the kids. Some days its a relaxing time for them to get homework done, but lets be real, most days the kids don’t open their back packs. Here are some of my favorite moments that have happened in my ATR:


Naps: Get comfy and make yourself at home!

 Naps: Get comfy and make yourself at home!



Harlem shake video: Remember the “Harlem Shake” fad? Well OF COURSE we had to make a Sibley vid in my ATR, this was actually a lot of fun.



“Warrior ball” video: One day before a big football game, some of the players needed a distraction, so they invented a new game called “Warrior Ball”


Homework pic: Like I said, maybe 3% of the students that come into my room with time to kill actually pull out their homework. Can you spot her?

 Life in the AT 1]

Naps: Who needs to do homework, when you can get a power nap in before practice?

  Life in the AT 5]

Selfies: Note to self, DON’T leave my phone unattended, athletes will spam my photos with “selfies”.

Life in the AT 3] 

Massage Trains: Ill rub your back if you rub mine!

Life in the AT 4] 

Naps: Naps: Did I mention my kids like to nap?! It seems high schoolers need more sleep than your average human.

 Life in the AT 2]

Notes and Treats: Sometimes your athletes can leave you a pleasant surprise! This poem hangs in my room now for all to see. The treats were gone the moment I saw them.

Life in the AT 6]  

Pranks: Sometimes when you leave things unattened in the room, you get pranked. This is a pic of a students backpack getting “nuggeted”, which means that you flip the backpack inside out, and in this case use tape ends to tape it together. It’s harmless fun, but a pain to unwrap =)

Life in the AT 7]  

Romantic Dinners: Got to spend 2 Valentines Day dates with my Student Athletic Trainer Tillie.

Life in the AT 8]

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve passed on a few good tips for all you AT’s out there just getting started!

– Alli

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