[Video] How To Tape a Knee With Kinesio

[Video] How To Tape a Knee With Kinesio

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(Kinesio) How To Tape a Knee

Kinesiotape is a tool that many healthcare providers (physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers) might turn to in supplementing an individuals’ rehab program. In the video above, you watched me tape a knee for patellar instability. I believe a thorough evaluation is the most critical step in the rehab process for a patient before deciding to simply turn to a tape job as a “magic cure”.

There are many factors that contribute to patellar (knee cap) pain. These might include hip weakness, ankle instability, foot mechanic dysfunction (flat or high arch), and footwear decisions. A great physical therapist will assess many or all of these options in deciding which intervention is most appropriate to address your knee problem.

I personally use Kinesiotape quite often in my rehab programs, and have taken all levels of continuing education offered by the Kinesio Taping Association. I consider myself well versed in the application of Kinesiotape, and would be interested in talking with you to investigate how Kinesiotape might be a supplement to your life. Make sure you continue to check back on the weekly videos that Alli Mahmood and I put together as we identify taping techniques for the entire body! Thanks for your time!

Feel free to send me an email with your questions or comments. I invite you to make some requests for what types of tutorials you’d like to see me do in the future jsampson@osipt.com.

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  • Clint says:

    Nice video and you have some good explanations there.
    If I could make one suggestion though, maybe dispense with the blue strips. Aside from Kinesio not really needing anchors like rigid tape, by placing the blue tape across the fibres of other muscles, you can “switch them off”.

    This is particularly important in this situation where you want to stop the patella from sliding out laterally (which is why you are using the black tape). The VMO is the main muscle which acts to hold the patella medially, and if you switch it off by taping across it, then it reduces the VMO’s effectiveness and makes it more likely that the patella will displace laterally.

    If you want to put some sort of protection over the ends of the black tape, we tend to use a small piece of Hypafix or Micropore, just to stop the end from catching on clothes, furniture etc.

    Hope this helps.

  • Jon Sampson says:


    I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my video and provide feedback. I haven’t used the tape you mentioned to secure the ends of the kinesiotape, but that is an excellent suggestion. I’ll look at adopting that method for my future taping videos. There are more to come, and with your experience, please provide feedback as you see fit. Thank you again for taking the time to watch and advise.


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