[FOTO Video] How Patient’s Help Us Treat Them in Physical Therapy

[FOTO Video] How Patient’s Help Us Treat Them in Physical Therapy

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Using FOTO For Better Patient Outcomes

Before coming to OSI Physical Therapy in 2012, I had no exposure to the outcome measurement tool known as FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes).  But after using it for almost 2 years now, I can honestly say I wouldn’t ever want to treat patients without it!

By completing a short functional survey on the computer prior to their initial examination, a patient can give me a ton of information on their current ability and limitations as it relates to their affected body part.  I now already know a great deal about what they’re in therapy for prior to me even entering the room and introducing myself!

Also, FOTO uses 10 risk adjusters (things such as age, whether there’s been any surgeries for the condition, fear about activity because of their injury/impairment, etc…) to compare my patient to like patients based on a database of over 6 million episodes.  So I know whether or not my patient is more or less affected than the “typical” patient with the same condition.  This is invaluable with setting up expectations and goals with that patient based on what the averages say.

Then, by having my patient retake the survey every few visits I can gauge and show progress based on any changes in their answers.  This helps in educating patients on how they’re doing with their physical therapy as it relates to the average patient, as well as lead to changes in their respective plan of care if their progress is not as expected.

Our patients can tell us how they’re progressing with their rehabilitation.  We just have to listen!  And at OSI we’re able to measure that progress objectively using what our patients already know about their ability.  It’s an invaluable tool.

If you have any questions or would like to give some feedback feel free to leave your comments below or send me an email at aobright@osipt.com.

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Tony O'Bright

Tony O'Bright

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