[Video] How To Tape For An AC Sprain

[Video] How To Tape For An AC Sprain

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How To Tape For An AC Sprain

-AC Sprain: An AC separation (not to be confused with a GH dislocation) is a separation of the acromioclavicular. Force is applied to the Acromion causing a separation in the AC joint space. The Coniod lig, Trapezoid lig, acromioclavicular lig, or the conoid-trapezoid lig might be injured with an AC separation. Below is a pic fro Wiki showing the ligaments. The main reason we tape is to try to add support to the AC joint increasing comfort for the athlete, and prevent any further injury to the joint.

  1. Taping pad and Elasticon


[Video] How To Tape For An AC Sprain

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