Training Room Client Testimonial: The Results

Training Room Client Testimonial: The Results

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Training Room Client Testimonial: The Results

The client, Pam Powers, was encouraged when we took her latest round of measurements.  She is doing great…find below her experience in her own words…

“I have been working out at the Training Room in Somerset for quite some time, probably close to years.  When I decided that working out wasn’t doing it for weight loss, I added group personal training. In September I thought if I actually wrote down my numbers (BMI 26.6, body fat percentage 38.9) that would be enough to hold me accountable, but it wasn’t.

Kim encouraged me to join the Biggest Winner and I began having two group personal trainings a week.  I really didn’t see how this would make a difference as I had always attended about three group exercise classes a week plus worked in runs on the side.

I really saw a change.  I found that group personal training sessions were tailored to my special needs.  I started to lose weight and became more motivated.  I was encouraged by the trainers. I know I still have weight to lose and more muscle that needs to be made but it is a start.  I know that personal training is valuable and my trainers have pushed me.  I owe the staff at the Training Room a huge thank you…Pam”

Pam’s current numbers:

BMI 24.9

Body fat 36.5

Weight lost 15 pounds

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– Jen

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