Tips on How to Tape an Ankle #1 (Proper way) – Physical Therapy 101

Tips on How to Tape an Ankle #1 (Proper way) – Physical Therapy 101

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These are Critical Tips on How to Tape an Ankle

Have an athlete in your life that you need to tape?  Here are some “How To” videos on how to tape for some common injuries. We will also be showing some K-Tape techniques and explain “what exactly this magic tape does”.


Athletic Tape for Stability: There are a couple different reasons we tape ankles. The main reason is to add extra support to the ligaments (for whatever reason are unable to provide on their own). This could be caused by an ACUTE injury that happens during play, or we might tape for a CHRONIC injury that still needs our attention and help. The most common type of ankle sprain is an INVERSION sprain. EVERSION sprains are also something we tape for; although they are significantly less common. Once an ankle is diagnosed with a sprain (and no other injuries, like a fracture) and it is time to RTP (Return To Play), taping is usually something that is done to stabilize the ankle.

  • Acute: The time IMMEDIATELY after an injury, or simply “a new injury”.
  • Chronic: Injury that develops slowly or has a long lasting effect, or simply “an old injury”.
  • Inversion: When the ankle rolls and the lateral structures are stretched out. The structures mostly affected by an Inversion Sprain are: The AFT ligament, the CF ligament, PTF, and sometimes the Peroneal muscles. An inversion sprain looks like this:

OSI Physical Therapy Ankle Athletic Tape image

Have an injury that you want help taping that is not shown? Send me an email at and I will send a video feed with tips and “how to”!


Tips on How to Tape an Ankle

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