Tips from ‘The Prose’: What To Do About Shin Splints

Tips from ‘The Prose’: What To Do About Shin Splints

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Tips from The Prose: What To Do About Shin Splints

Ever have pain in the front of your shin after walking or running?  Do those muscles on the front of your shin feel tender to the touch?  Chances are you could be suffering from shin splints – a common overuse injury.  There are a number of reasons someone could develop shin splints: Overusing the muscles along the front of your lower leg and top of foot and pulling your foot up when walking.  This is often due to the muscles on your backside not working as much as they should, or the ankle joint or calf muscle is too tight and the front of your foot and shin have to work too hard.

Another reason could be wearing the wrong shoes and allowing the foot to pronate (flattened arch) and stressing the muscles.  Or these symptoms could be a precursor to a stress fracture due to training errors.  Whatever the reason, I talk with my patients about avoiding the painful activity and possibly adding icing and stretching to calm the symptoms.  There are taping techniques PT’s use also to help decrease the stressors to this area and help calm the pain.  I also look at how a person is moving and figure
out where the weaknesses or deficits are that might be causing the shin muscles to work too hard.  It’s hard to say what would work best in general for every person suffering from shin splint symptoms in a blog, as we don’t like to treat people in a one-size-fits-all manner, but if you are suffering from these symptoms don’t hesitate to contact a PT at OSI for a consultation about what might work best for you and get you back to doing what you like to do!

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