Tips From ‘The Prose’: Can You Do This? (Part 2)

Tips From ‘The Prose’: Can You Do This? (Part 2)

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Tips From ‘The Prose’: Can You Do This? (Part 2)

This is a video of a favorite exercise of mine.  It is what I call a lunge walk with a dead lift.  I love this exercise because it recruits and trains the muscles in the lower glut and upper hamstring area.  This is an important area of muscles because these guys should be contracting as you walk and as your run to help pull you over the top of your foot.  This decreases the work of the calf and of the quad and reduces the stresses to the knee which ultimately will help decrease pain.

If you try this remember a couple of things:

1. When lunging keep your body weight over the front foot (the back leg is there for balance)

2. Don’t let your knee go beyond the line of your toes and don’t let your knee roll in

3. When coming up from the lunge, use the quad and gluts on your front leg to do the work (your body will want to push off the back leg, aka cheat :))

4. When coming up from the dead lift (the part where you are bent forward and come back up to standing), make sure you pull up from your gluts and upper hamstrings.  Your body will want to pull up with your back (cheating) but if you think about rounding up, with your head and shoulders being the last things to come up, this will help keep those back muscles less active.

Good luck and enjoy!

– Amy

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