Helpful Tips for Your Physical Therapy Job Interview

Helpful Tips for Your Physical Therapy Job Interview

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Are you preparing for an upcoming physical therapy job interview? Whether you’re a pt student getting ready to graduate and take your boards, or you’re already in the field and ready for a job change –– you can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are some tips for your next job interview to help you land the gig!

Make a good first impression

You probably already know this, but your physical therapy job interview starts the minute you walk through the clinic door. It is so important to make a good impression from the very beginning. Arrive on time (which means early), dress for success, and be conscious of your body language and how you carry yourself. These are crucial factors that clinic managers and therapists pay attention to—if you don’t want to be there, know.

Be prepared for the interview

One of the easiest yet commonly overlooked steps to take before a job interview is to do some homework on the company itself. If can make a difference if you have a good understanding of the company, its therapy services, and even philosophy. You should also show up with any important documents you might need such as extra copies of your resume and certifications, just in case.

Ask some questions

Nothing makes you look less invested or interested in a job than if you don’t come prepared with a couple questions about the company or the available position. Here are some example questions that you can ask to make sure the job is right for you.

  1. How would you describe the clinic’s overall treatment style/philosophy?
  2. What is the clinic’s approach to ongoing education and team building?
  3. What is the work-life balance like at (clinic name)?
  4. What characteristics or traits do you look for in hiring a physical therapist?
  5. What types of people seem to succeed at working at (clinic name)?

Follow up afterwards

Your interview should not be the last time they hear from you. Follow up after your interview with an email or even a handwritten thank you note. This may help you stand out and be remembered. It also shows you cared about your interview and are paying attention to this hiring process.

If you aren’t offered the position, find out why

Let’s face it; not every interview will result in a job offer. If you aren’t offered the job, it would be in your best interest to find out why. There are many reasons you may not have been hired — maybe you were over qualified, under qualified, didn’t make a good first impression, or someone else was just a better fit. All you can do is try to apply their feedback to your next interview. And remember, the more you practice, the better your odds of getting the pt job offer you want!

Good luck out there!


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Helpful Tips for Your Physical Therapy Job Interview


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