The Maplewood Team

The Maplewood Team

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The Maplewood Team

If you haven’t been out to the Maplewood clinic you should stop by sometime! We have a great team that not only works together well, but also enjoys each other’s company outside of work!

This past Fall we went out to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake for a clinic outing. It was a great chance to enjoy the great Minnesota October weather, and everybody’s kiddos loved the place!


Also, last month we had a holiday party in our clinic, with great food catered in, good company, and even some animal entertainment!


Speaking of animals, here’s a running tally of Maplewood pets:

  • Ryan-2 dogs and 1 cat (that they’ve had for 5 years but isn’t theirs…)
  • Sandy-2 dogs
  • Sarah-2 dogs and 1 cat
  • Caitlin-1 dog
  • Kalli-1 dog
  • Wendy-1 dog, farm cats, and a bunch of chickens (we love the fresh eggs she brings in)!
  • Kristine-1 brand new yellow lab puppy (our new clinic mascot) and 2 goldfish that have lived for 7 years!
  • John-1 dog
  • Me-1 dog and 2 cats

We also have a combined 4 kiddos 2 years and under, and Sandy has another one to soon join that tally!

At Maplewood we all get along great, work well as a team, and this shows in our interactions in the gym. So come see us at Maplewood to join in the fun!

– Tony

P.S. Here’s Ryan’s doppelganger from a past life… obviously!





Tony O'Bright

Tony O'Bright

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