The Health Benefits Associated With Going Barefoot

The Health Benefits Associated With Going Barefoot

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When you hear the term “all natural”, it’s hard not to immediately associate it with health –– and for good reason. So going “natural” when it comes to your feet is definitely with benefit. In fact, tossing off our socks and shoes to go barefoot can offer a couple health benefits. From helping our foot structure, to helping our entire bodies, going barefoot is definitely a healthy practice. Some people might assume that shoes are absolutely necessary to protect our feet, and there’s definitely truth to that. However, being able to go without them whenever possible is something to consider for the following reasons:

Foot Form

Shoes can limit and constrain our feet in ways that go against the way that they are naturally intended to form, leading to injury overtime. By walking barefoot, our toes are able to fully spread, allowing for a more comfortable feel and grip. In addition, this allows for correct posture because our body is more in tuned to the feeling of the ground in relation to our legs. This is possible due to the large amount of nerve endings on the bottom of our feet.

Keeping Balance

As part of the focus that our body is able to perform when barefoot, we are also able to more correctly maintain our balance. Even on our own two feet, shoes are often easy to trip over or have awkward soles, whereas our feet have the necessary grip to recover when thrown off balance or even catch ourselves when falling. On top of this, the practice of walking barefoot helps strengthen our ankles and calves, as they are more directly using those key muscles to maintain our correct posture and balance.


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The Health Benefits Associated With Going Barefoot


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