On a regular basis the team at OSI gets feedback from our patients that makes our jobs all the more worthwhile. It’s what keeps us going. It’s why we come to work every day…to make a difference. Among all the wonderful people we see everyday, one amazing person asked us to share her feedback with our friends and fans of her experiences of a variety of issues and treatment she received with us at OSI in White Bear Lake. Here it is:

OSI Physical Therapy at White Bear Lake is remarkable and awesome. The staff is extremely kind, compassionate and encouraging no matter what the circumstance. I was first referred there for a shoulder injury and was a total skeptic about PT as I had this vision of being ran on the treadmill until I hit the floor and I was terrified to have the physical therapist figure out I was not an athlete by any stretch of the word. Much to my shock, I met Joe Wavra, PT at White B ear Lake. He was professional, encouraging, and gave me exercises I could actually do. The Ortho Surgeon for sure knew I I would have to have a total shoulder replacement, but the PT helped so much, I have full range of motion with the injured shoulder, so no shoulder replacement needed. I cannot praise Joe Wavra and the entire OSI team enough for how skilled they are in their training to always find that perfect twist on an exercise that no matter how incapacitated you are, he would modify the exercise until I was able to perform.

I recently had an auto accident and sustained a concussion. I dealt with the most indescribable jack-hammer headaches for 5 weeks and then wrote to Joe to see if this was something they could deal with. 2nd appointment…the 2nd appointment I woke up with NO headache and had the most relief in 5 weeks of suffering. I am a true believer in physical therapy. If your situation is something they feel they cannot help you with, they always offered great suggestions on what else to try. Truly they have given me my life back after 2 total knee replacements. Joe worked with me prior to surgery and at the hospital they were stunned the day after the knee replacement the exercises I could already do without assistance. Joe was on the healing and strengthening side. Anyone that is facing total knee replacements or any joint replacements should seriously consider OSI prior to surgery as the stronger you are going in, the faster you will recover. In addition, when you walk through the doors at OSI you are treated like they truly are happy to see you and are so extremely helpful. I feel truly blessed and fortunate that I was referred to such an incredible facility at OSI and though I was petrified on my first appointment, Joe Wavra made me feel comfortable. They are truly tremendous and are a +10 in my book.




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