[Testimonial] The Training Room Gets Some Great Feedback

[Testimonial] The Training Room Gets Some Great Feedback

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[Testimonial] The Training Room Gets Some Great Feedback

We frequently get a lot of great feedback from the amazing people we see everyday coming to the Training Room, but it’s always nice when someone sends us a note to share with the public. Here was some great feedback we received from someone we also recently featured on our Facebook page as a TTR Gold Medal winner.

February 12, 2014

As a member of The Training Room, I would like to give a testimonial of my training from Kim and Jeremy. I started training in August of 2013. As of February,

2014, I am now using 5 to 8 lb. weights in my workouts starting out with 3 lb. weights. I started doing planks about two months ago and I could only hold my first plank 10 seconds. Now, I can hold it 45 seconds. I also have bursitis (inflammation of the bursa in the hip area) in both thighs from the hip area to the knee. I couldn’t even lie on my sides to exercise. After determination and constant exercise, I can now lay on the sides of my body. I still have bursitis but it does not affect me as much.

The key to improving is to come every day to exercise. I sometimes have to force myself to come, but am glad when I get to The Training Room because that brings me a little closer to absolute fitness.

Karen Barger


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Kim Korhonen

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