Testimonial: Patient Feedback Goes A Long Way

Testimonial: Patient Feedback Goes A Long Way

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Testimonial: Patient Feedback Goes A Long Way

Here is a recent email I received from a patient at our High Pointe clinic. I thought it would be nice to highlight just one of the success stories of our team members here at High Pointe.


I recently had knee surgery through St Croix Orthopedics and they recommended your clinic for the physical therapy.  My first therapist there was Emily Terhune-Wold and I knew from my first appointment I wanted to have her as my therapist for the duration of my therapy.  Emily is both inspirational and motivating in her approach to therapy with her clients.  She also forms a personal bond with you that enhances that feeling of someone who genuinely cares about your success and goals for a complete recovery.  I worked with a couple other therapists when Emily was not available and while getting good care and therapy, Emily still stood out as the one I wanted to go forward with.

I wanted you to know I received good care and therapy from your complete staff and what an extraordinarily special, competent and talented therapist you have in Emily.  I would highly recommend her and your facility to anyone else I knew who needed those services.  Thank you.

Jeff Anderson




Thank you for your feedback and high praise of Emily. We strive for an excellent patient experience through great customer service and Nationally-ranked, elevated therapeutic outcomes. I’m happy that you have had such an experience during your rehab with us. We appreciate you taking the time to express your feelings and look forward to serving your friends and family should they ever need PT services.



– Mike


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Mike Brown

Mike Brown

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