Testimonial: Julie Schroeder From Cheers Pablo Painting

Testimonial: Julie Schroeder From Cheers Pablo Painting

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On Wednesday, January 28th we had a great encounter with a former OSI patient. We had scheduled a team building day at Cheers Pablo Painting in Woodbury, and to our surprise the instructor quickly recognized Mike Brown, one of our team members and clinic manager at our High Point clinic.

Mike Brown and Jody Kramer had worked with Julie on getting her arm working again back to the wonderful world of painting. Julie was so thrilled with OSI and the help she received she wanted to make sure our entire team knew of the success and her happiness. Read her comments below:

Hi, my name is Julie Schroeder, one of the artists here at Cheers Pablo. I’ve been teaching here for about a year and this it the first time I’ve had a group come in and I’ve actually known someone from the group. Mike Brown is my Physical Therapist.

I came to OSI with a frozen shoulder back in September. It was so bad I could barely lift my arm and now it’s so much better…SO happy! I thought maybe I would see Jody here who is my other therapist, but I guess she’s hard at work today. I want to thank Jody also for helping me with my arm.

You guys did an awesome job! Thank you thank you!

Julie Schroeder

Julie - Cheers Pablo Team Painting Class - OSI Physical Therapy 10

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