Technology And Physical Therapy, A Perfect Blend

Technology And Physical Therapy, A Perfect Blend

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Technology And Physical Therapy, A Perfect Blend

When I entered the field of physical therapy in June of 2010, the extent of the technology I had at my disposal was an archaic Toshiba laptop that worked, some of the time. I also had a video camera that I could use to do video feedback with a patient, but only if the VCR and tube television were cooperating that day. Fast forward 4 years, and technology means a whole new thing to me, and impacts my workday very differently. I’m now outfitted with an iPad that I can shoot high resolution video on at a moments notice, and can attach pictures directly into a patient’s medical record at any time! Very cool stuff! I would like to briefly highlight one area in physical therapy where technology has really enhanced the experience for both the therapist and the patient.

Video Feedback:

Before the advent of the iPad or iPhone, good video feedback required very expense equipment and software (sometimes greater than $10,000!!!). In addition, the camera setup, video session, and video review was a time consuming process requiring more than one clinic staff member to facilitate. Now, in 2014, I use my iPhone 5S or iPad Air to shoot hi-res video, and with a feature rich app, can sit down with the patient and review a mechanical dysfunction without wasting any time. We can even compare video side-by-side, within the app! Finally, I email the video to the patient if he/she would like it, for comparison later on.

My Setup:

iPad Air, Coaches Eye App ($5), Softball player w/ back pain while batting, enough space to film the swinging motion.


One important aspect to consider while filming is your background. Do your best to choose a location that offers sufficient lighting both overhead and from behind the camera. It is pretty difficult to shoot quality footage if your background is a window.

Coaches Eye isn’t the only app available for video feedback and analysis. There are many free and paid apps available to use, and I encourage you to find what is best for yourself and/or your practice. If you have any questions about video analysis or how I incorporate technology into my practice, drop me a line below.

– Jon

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