Are Tech Products Hurting Your Health?

Are Tech Products Hurting Your Health?

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If you spend a ton of time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you’re not alone. Most people heavily rely on mobile devices for information they need throughout their days. The constant use can lead to neck and back pain, often referred to as “tech neck”. It happens when your back is hunched over, head is tilted, and shoulders are curved. It all puts pressure on your neck and result in headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain.

So how can you reduce the effects of the technology on your body and overall health? It’s not likely that you’ll be able to give up using mobile devices any time soon, but there are other ways to help.

  1. Maintain your posture. If you are sitting down, keep your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Keep your shoulders back and your ears at an equal distance from your shoulders. Look straight ahead with your chin neither up or down.
  2. Position your device. If you’re using a laptop computer, place it about arm’s length away on a desk and use wrist guards to prevent injury to your wrists while you’re typing at work. Keep an docking station for your mobile device at eye level whenever possible. When you’re standing, hold it at eye level and don’t bend your neck to look down at it.
  3. Take a short break. While at work, take a small break and stand up and stretch about every 20 minutes. Try rolling your shoulders to relieve the pressure on your neck. Instead of checking social media throughout the day, set up some times that are dedicated to getting on your accounts and limit the amount of time you spend in one session.

Using your favorite devices less can be difficult, but it can be helpful for your long-term health.


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Are Tech Products Hurting Your Health?

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