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Mikhail Golben, PT, DPT

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How I spend my free time I am a connoisseur of atypical sports including ultimate frisbee and broom ball. I believe in being open-minded and have learned to appreciate the little things in life.

Emily Scheevel, DPT, BS, OCS

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How I spend my free time I enjoy outdoor activities including walking, volleyball, rollerblading and boating. I love to travel and am an adventurous spirit who is willing to try anything at least once.

Joe Wavra, PT, MPT

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How I spend my free time Basketball, golf and downhill skiing. I also enjoy housework, play the guitar and spend time with family and friends. What others are saying Joe has the type of personality that everyone gets along with. He is so great at relationship building with patients and co-workers. He remains calm in [...]