Struggles Of A True Coffee Snob – Salted Dark Chocolate Latte

Struggles Of A True Coffee Snob - Salted Dark Chocolate Latte 2

I may be reaching the highest potential of a true coffee snob. If you are one, you get it. If you’ve been around you, you probably hate it. If it isn’t organic, a coffee a truly enjoy, and dairy-free, I’m out. Not worth my time or money. It’s a step forward when you can purchase an almond milk latte. However, it’s typically an almond milk beverage and not organic. (I’ve already admitted I’m a coffee snob. I won’t deny it.)

I was quite impressed and in love when I discovered this new recipe! Thanks to The Audacious Cook for the share on a Salted Dark Chocolate Latte! (Please give credit where credit is due! I’m appreciative of the time and experiments they went through to create this recipe.) I’ve tried to make my own versions of a latte without an espresso machine, but am always unsuccessful. That is…until now! Check out this recipe! It’s awesome! Delicious, frothy, and full of organic goodness if you choose.

I used full-fat organic coconut milk instead of a coconut milk beverage. I also used and loved using SoDelicious coconut milk creamer instead of honey. It doesn’t take much, and adds a different level of flavor. I also used Peace Coffee’s Mind Body Soul coffee. I promise this is worth the time to make!

You can the recipe here. Enjoy!



– Steph


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