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OSI Pre-Diabetic Program

If you are considered pre-diabetic based on blood glucose levels, OSI has developed an effective program for you by combining physical therapy with regular exercise, nutritional counseling, and personal training.

The recommended treatment for pre-diabetes is to lose weight and exercise. We at OSI are here to help you achieve that goal and realize that even a small reduction in weight and body fat can have a significant impact on reducing your blood glucose levels and reducing your risk of becoming diabetic. A combination of change in diet and exercise are the keys to your success.

Most individuals don’t know where to start, what kind of exercise to do, and how much to do. Many people have painful joints that limit their ability to exercise as well. That is where physical therapy can help.

Your physical therapist will do a full evaluation and design an appropriate exercise program that is a good fit for you that includes both conditioning and strengthening exercises. You will also receive a free nutrition counseling session as well as a free one- month membership to The Training Room, OSI’s full service fitness facility, to begin your exercise program. This program is covered by most insurance plans under your physical therapy benefit.

Your physical therapist will supervise and progress your exercises throughout the program. We will monitor your weight and body fat percentage to ensure you are progressing toward your goals. You will get the guidance and support you need as you begin to develop a lifelong habit of exercise, weight management, and healthy eating and ultimately prevent you from becoming diabetic.

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