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Back pain can impact your life in ways most people can’t understand. The pain itself can be overwhelming and the inability to do simple daily tasks can be frightening.

The good news is that most incidents of back pain can be resolved without medication or surgery. And research shows that manual therapy coupled with back exercises designed to address the specific problem is the most effective approach to the treatment of lower back pain.

Physical therapy, as a conservative first choice, offers back pain relief for the majority of people and reduces the number of patients that need more invasive back treatment and expensive surgical interventions.

Causes of Back Pain

Low back problems are sometimes caused by an accident or trauma, but most often the pain is a result of:

  • Poor posture, particularly while sitting.
  • Declining physical fitness such as reduced muscle strength and endurance.
  • Cumulative risks such as repetitive and incorrect lifting, bending, twisting, or working overhead.
Our physical therapists treat your back pain problem, not the symptoms

Often back pain goes away over time, but nearly 90% of people who experience back pain can expect to have another episode of pain at some point in the future. That’s because the cause of the episode was never addressed. People usually stop seeking help when the pain goes away, but unless the causes of the back pain are addressed, recurrence is predictable. OSI physical therapists are trained to identify problems and choose the right treatment approach to resolve the issue.

Getting Started

We start with a thorough back exam to see how the patient’s spine moves. Hands-on manual therapy is often used to correct painful spinal movement. Coaching is then provided to get the right muscles activated and get you moving again.

Getting Stronger

Depending on your needs, our back treatment includes functional training in posture, body mechanics and job simulation. We offer the coaching and direction that makes it easier for you to stay on track.

Staying Stronger

Since managing back pain and back pain treatment is a long-term commitment and requires changing habits, we encourage patients to join a gym. Many people choose to continue with an independent exercise program, work with our personal trainers, and use our facilities. OSI offers 3-month membership contracts for these patients to exercise at one of our facilities that offer the Next Step for Health program.

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