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Aquatic Therapy, which is also called Pool Therapy, is an exercise and rehabilitation program that is performed in the water. Useful for a variety of medical conditions, Aquatic Therapy uses the buoyancy and the physical properties of water allowing exercising that is less stressful to the joints.

Aquatic Therapy is Especially Helpful for These Cases:
  • People who have difficulty with traditional exercise programs.
  • Spinal patients – when being upright is painful. For “core” stabilization, reduced weight bearing and pain control.
  • After joint surgery – water therapy helps you get back on your feet. For early weight bearing, swelling control, range of motion, and strength.
  • Individuals with Osteoarthritis – exercise without pain. For strengthening, balance training, and pain relief.
  • Frail and elderly people – those who need a safe, weight-free environment for exercise. For balance and gait training, general strengthening and conditioning.
  • Expectant moms – to reduce the weight demand. For general conditioning in a weight reduced environment.
  • Athletes – to help them get back to their sport quickly and safely. Aquatic therapy provides early exercise after injuries and minimizes time away from the sport.
What to expect from OSI’s Aquatic Therapy program:

Your doctor or therapist may refer you to one of our aquatic therapists and will communicate with them about your case prior to your appointment. Your first visit will be an evaluation to obtain your medical history, determine your functional deficits, discuss your care plan, establish goals, and make sure you are a good candidate for aquatic therapy. Then the OSI therapist will evaluate your condition and develop a pool and land exercise program, and if necessary, will help you find a local pool resource so you can become independent in your own aquatic program.

You will get into the water on your second visit, and as with each therapy session, will last 45 minutes. On average, aquatic therapy patients have 3-6 visits, however, your OSI therapist will determine the length of your program based on your specific needs and goals.

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